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CDO - Beef Loaf Classic - 150 G
CDO - Beef Loaf Classic - 150 G

Enjoy juicy and meaty beef loaves with CDO Beef Loaf Classic. Each 150g can of CDO Beef Loaf Classic is made from fresh and delectable meat. There are lots of ways to enjoy it including a crispy fried beef loaf by frying CDO Beef Loaf straight from the can slice in thin pieces. One can also use it as their meat alternative to their favorite vegetable recipes and even to their favorite pasta recipes.

About CDO 

CDO is a company founded by a dietician mother Corazon Dayro-Ong on June 25, 1975. The then small store sells homemade meat products in Valenzuela. Later the business grew and changed its name to Foodsphere Inc in 1981 and introduced CDO as their flagship brand.

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