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Delimondo - Ranch Style Corned Beef
Delimondo - Ranch Style Corned BeefDelimondo - Ranch Style Corned BeefDelimondo - Ranch Style Corned Beef

Delimondo ranch-style corned beef is made of premium 100% cattle beef. The meat is premium that is visible with its long strands. The meat is cooked traditionally so you are sure with the mouth-watering taste it offers. In addition, each can is cured and seasoned to meet the perfect taste every corned beef lover is looking for. 

About Delimondo

Delimondo is a proud homegrown company and brand from the Philippines. It has its humble beginning as a weekend market seller. Today, the Delimondo brand is already available in stores and leading supermarkets nationwide offline and online. Other than the successful corned beef, Delimondo now expanded to sausages, sauces, pâtés, oils, and dips.

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