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Gold Medal - Papait Seasoning - Beef Bile - 7 OZ
Gold Medal - Papait Seasoning - Beef Bile - 7 OZGold Medal - Papait Seasoning - Beef Bile - 7 OZ

Papaitan is a popular dish in the Philippines. As its name suggests, this delicious dish is soupy and tastes bitter. However, despite the bitter taste, which made this delicious dish unique, many love cooking it. This is popular on special occasions and during drinking sessions with family and friends. If you miss papaitan from home, cook one now and grab a 7 oz jar of Gold Medal Papait Seasoning Beef Bile.

About  A.I. Foods Corporation

A.I. Foods Corporation is a company in the USA since 1987 offering excellent customer service and high-quality products from the Philippines. They carry the brands Pinoy Gourmet, Orient Gourmet, and Gold Medal.

All frozen goods are packed and shipped inside a cool shield thermal packaging material and come with multiple non-toxic food grade frozen gel ice packs.

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