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By: Kagat
Kagat Bakery - Yema - 10 Pieces - 12 OZ
Kagat Bakery - Yema - 10 Pieces - 12 OZ

Yema is a traditional sweet treat in the Philippines because every Filipino is known to have sweet tooth. This amazing and irresistible sweet treat is made of milk, egg yolk, and sugar. It has a sweet and creamy taste similar to a custard making it a favorite to kids and adults alike. It comes in different shapes from round to square to an amazing pyramid shape. The round shape normally is rolled in granulated sugar to keep them from sticking to each other. The Pyramid ones like the one you can enjoy when you get a 12-oz Kagat Bakery Yema are wrapped in a plastic wrapper so they do not have granulated sugar coating but has the same addicting sweet, creamy taste.

WARNING: All Sukli baked goods are made fresh everyday and only packaged the day of the shipment to help increase freshness / shelf life / longevity during transit and upon delivery. NOTE: WE DON'T GUARANTEE THE FRESHNESS OF BAKED GOODS UPON DELIVERY AND WILL NOT HONOR REFUNDS DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL. Only order baked goods products at your own risk.

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