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By: Sagana
Sagana Delights - Smoked Sardines - Tinapang Tuloy - 200 G
Sagana Delights - Smoked Sardines - Tinapang Tuloy - 200 G
Smoked fish is a delicious preserved fish. You can have it paired with rice while the flaked smoked fish is also used to add flavor to a popular Filipino noodle dish called pansit palabok. You can also substitute smoked fish for recipes calling for fish like fish cakes, crab cakes, fish soups, and casseroles. You can also make a delicious smoked fish sandwich spread by tossing to puree some amount of it to your food processor along with a package of cream cheese. Grab a 200-gram pack of Sagana Delights Smoked Sardines or Tinapang Tuloy and enjoy it with your pansit palabok, pasta, casseroles, and salads.

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