Shipment Service Update

Greetings Sukli customers!

We just wanted to provide you with a bit of an update on our shipping service.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we've received an unusually high amount of orders for the past couple of weeks. This in turn has bottle necked our shipment processing and inventory system to the point that we've fallen behind a bit on both. This will cost an additional 2-3 business days in shipment processing.

To address this, we're moving to a new fulfillment center and will begin operation as soon as Monday. There are orders placed that have yet to be processed, but fear not! We are working hard in clearing our shipment queue this upcoming week. We're growing our team and improving our systems to speed up our shipping times in the next couple of weeks.

To all that have recently placed an order, you will be receiving an updated tracking number by next week. We apologize for the delay, but we are very grateful for your support. The Sukli team is working hard to provide you with the smoothest shopping experience possible and we hope for your patience.

Your US Philippine Family...The Sukli Team

Moving Warehouses!