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Ajinomoto - Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix
Ajinomoto - Ginisa Flavor Seasoning MixAjinomoto - Ginisa Flavor Seasoning MixAjinomoto - Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix

Sautee is a popular dish in the Philippines. Other than, it is easy to prepare and cook, most of the sautee dishes are delicious. Achieve a delicious sautee recipe now with Ajinomoto Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix. Just sprinkle enough amount of it and you can already achieve the right delectable taste of a sautee dish.

About Ajinomoto

Ajinomoto is a Japanese Company that began in 1909. Ajinomoto is the world’s first umami seasoning. After the vast success of its first product, the company then expanded its business. To date, it has business sites in 35 countries and regions 121 factories, over 130 sales areas, and around 34,504 employees.

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