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By: Annies
Annies - Jackfruit (Langka) Candy - 24 Pieces - 220g
Annies - Jackfruit (Langka) Candy - 24 Pieces - 220gAnnies - Jackfruit (Langka) Candy - 24 Pieces - 220gAnnies - Jackfruit (Langka) Candy - 24 Pieces - 220g

Langka Jackfruit Candy is another special candy proudly Philippine made by Annies Candy Manufacturing Corporation. Langka or Jackfruit is a fruit widely available in the Philippines. It is sweet and has an inviting aroma, which the sweet tooth in you can enjoy both in this bag of 24 pieces Annie’s Langka Jackfruit Candy.


  • Jackfruit
  • Sugar
  • Milk Powder
  • Jackfruit flavor

About Annie’s Candy Manufacturing Corporation

Annie’s Candy Manufacturing Corporation is an entity in the Philippines that manufactures the delicious Ube Purple Yam Candy. Operating under the manufacturing sector, Annie’s Candy Manufacturing Company has headquarter and main office in Cavite City.

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