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By: Astor
Astor - Wafer Stick - More Chocolate  - Original Recipe - 90 G
Astor - Wafer Stick - More Chocolate  - Original Recipe - 90 G

Enjoy a fun and delicious chocolate snack with Astor Chocolate Wafer Stick now. Astor is a crunchy rolled chocolate wafer snack. To satisfy the sweet tooth in you, it also comes with real chocolate filling making it tastier that you will surely crave for more. Enjoy the original recipe of Astor Chocolate Wafer Stick in this easy-to-carry 90-gram pack.

About Mayora

Mayora is a company that started in a family kitchen back in 1948 baking their first biscuits named Marie Biscuits. As the company grew, the Mayora Group was formally established in 1977. Today, other than biscuits the company has various products and brands including Astor under the wafer and chocolate category.

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