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By: Balut
Balut - Incubated Duck Egg 14-21 Days (UNCOOKED) - 6 Eggs
Balut - Incubated Duck Egg 14-21 Days (UNCOOKED) - 6 Eggs

Feeling adventurous? This Balut Incubated Duck Egg is the perfect way to experience a unique, exotic street food from the Philippines! Each pack contains 6 uncooked eggs that are incubated for 14-21 days, giving you a delicious, savory treat. The eggs are rich in protein and vitamins, making them a great source of nutrition. Plus, they are easy to prepare and cook - just boil them for 15 minutes and enjoy!

All frozen goods are packed and shipped inside a cool shield thermal packaging material and come with multiple non-toxic food grade frozen gel ice packs.

Warning : it May arrived thawed. 

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