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Big Berta - Creamy Bites Brownies - 180 G
Big Berta - Creamy Bites Brownies - 180 G

Brownies are a staple in many households with a sweet tooth. If you are a brownie lover, you should go grab a 180-g pouch of Big Berta Creamy Bites Brownies. You can easily enjoy your favorite brownie any time of the day and the bite-size cuts make it even easier to enjoy and share with family and friends.

About Foodchoice Corp

Food Choice Corp. is a Filipino company that started out trading imported food products to its Filipino clientele. Started in 2003, the company continues to grow and in 2008, ventures into manufacturing tortilla chips and corn chips. Today, Foodchoice Corp has various product lines including Nachitos Tortilla Chips, Javito Corn Chips, Javito Snack Time, Big Bite, Big Berta Nachos, and Zumba Chips.

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