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Boy Bawang - Chichacorn - Garlic - 100 G
Boy Bawang - Chichacorn - Garlic - 100 G

Boy Bawang has expanded its product line and comes up with Boy Bawang Chichacorn. This is your extraordinary Cornick because it is easier to chew and crunchier than the classic Cornick. Chichacorn kernels are puffed to perfection and come in different flavors including the Boy Bawang Chichacorn Garlic. Grab a 100 G bag now and spoil your tastebuds. Enjoy any time of the day anywhere you want to.

About KSK

Behind the tasty and crunchy Cornick, Boy Bawang is KSK Food Products, a company established in 1990 as a manufacturing and distribution company. To date, the company is already exporting to North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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