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By: Buenas
Buenas - Red Mung Beans Munggo in Syrup - 32 OZ
Buenas - Red Mung Beans Munggo in Syrup - 32 OZ

You can incorporate Red Mung Beans into countless dishes from your baked goodies to your savory foods. Open a jar of Buenas Red Mung Beans Mungo in Syrup, make a paste out of it and use it as a filling to your pastries like munggo bread, Buchi, and anything you like filling it with. You can also add red mung beans to your pork dishes and desserts like halo-halo, ice cream bar, and a lot more.

About Buenas

Buenas is a brand from the Philippines by Gem Foods International Incorporated. The company is into manufacturing, trading, and exporting Filipino foods worldwide. Buenas is the company’s brand for tropical fruit preserves. The brand uses offers only the best and high-quality food preserves packed in their plant supplying the need for local and international consumption.

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