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Butter Cream - Chocolate Crackers - 10 Pack - 25 G - 8.8 OZ
Butter Cream - Chocolate Crackers - 10 Pack - 25 G - 8.8 OZ

Enjoy a deliciously sweet and crunchy snack with a pack of Butter Cream Chocolate Crackers. This chocolate-flavored snack is thin and crunchy. Open a 10 packs bag of Butter Cream Chocolate Crackers and enjoy a fun snack time with family and friends. It is also perfect for bonding moment tile movie time, game night, and just catching up chit chats.

About Croley

Croley Foods is the maker of Butter Cream Cracker. Started as a family-owned bakery in Manila in the early years of the ’50s. It was in the ’60s that the company evolved into a biscuit company under the name New London Biscuit Manufacturing Company. Sunflower Crackers was introduced in the ’70s and the company became a major player. Today, the company has different crackers and became exported them to neighboring countries.

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