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Butterfly - Ube Flavor Paste BIG - 1 Liter
Butterfly - Ube Flavor Paste BIG - 1 Liter

Ube or Purple Yam is a favorite by many dessert lovers. The flavor and aroma of any ube dessert can be enhanced with the help of a drop or two of the Butterfly Ube Flavor. there are a lot of ube desserts we can enjoy from Ube cake to rolls to ice cream to cookies to Buchi to pan de sal, and even just the pure purple yam called Ube Halaya or Purple Yam.

About Koepoe Koepoe

Koepoe Koepoe is an Indonesian word for butterfly and the maker of high-quality condiments for centuries now. To date, Koepoe Koepoe has expanded its product line to baking mix, food coloring, pasta, food enhancers, food coloring, seeds, and sweeteners.

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