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C.Y. Gabriel - Antibac - Bar Soap - 135 G
C.Y. Gabriel - Antibac - Bar Soap - 135 G

When it comes to whitening soap in the Philippines, C.Y. Gabriel is a well-known brand. However, the brand expanded into non-whitening soaps and produces the C.Y. Gabriel Antibac. This soap can cleanse your skin leaving a long-lasting and luxurious fragrance. It protects your skin from germs leaving your skin clean and healthy.

About C.Y. Gabriel Commercial

In 1959, a widow in the named Crisanta Yanga Vda. De Gabriel started producing a special bleaching soap that can whiten and smoothen skin keeping it looking healthy. The soap is named after her. With the amazing result, it offers to the consumer, the soap become popular to beauty and health buff in 1961, thus the birth of C.Y. Gabriel Commerical.

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