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Candyman - Kalaman-C - Mint - Candy - 50 Pieces - 180 G
Candyman - Kalaman-C - Mint - Candy - 50 Pieces - 180 G

Calamansi or Philppine Lime is a sour small fruit in the Philppine rich in Vitamin C. Get that dose of Vitamin C daily easily in a candy form with Candyman Kalaman C Mint Candy. You will not only enjoy the sour taste and the freshness of mint that explodes in your mouth. Grab a 180 grams bag now and enjoy anytime with friends and family.

About Candyman Incorporated

Candyman Incorporated is a company in the Philippines with a headquarters in 13 Gov. W. Pascual Avenue, Potrero Malabon City. The company is into the food manufacturing industry manufacturing high quality candies including the Deliciosa Kalaman C Mint Candy.

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