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By: Carl's
Carl's - Crispy Anchovies - Dilis - Hot & Spicy - 40 G
Carl's - Crispy Anchovies - Dilis - Hot & Spicy - 40 G

If you love anchovies for breakfast, you will love the idea of enjoying it anytime of the day in an instant with Carl`s Crispy Anchovies (Dilis) Hot and Spicy. This delicious snack is made from fresh anchovies, deep fried with coating creating a crispy texture.

About La Carlota Food Enterprise

La Carlota Food Enterprise is a Filipino company founded in 1992. The company started in Pulong Buhangin, Sta. Maria Bulacan. The company had Carl's Chicharon as their first product. Their clientele started in bus terminals, pasalubong outlets and some restaurants. Today, La Carlota Food Enterprise has more than hundreds of store outlets nationwide and is hailed as the Pasalubong expert. 

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