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By: Ceelin
Ceelin Ascorbic Acid 120ml - ORANGE FLAVOR
Ceelin Ascorbic Acid 120ml - ORANGE FLAVOR

Vitamin C is important for all ages and when taking natural vitamin c becomes a challenge especially for children Ceelin Ascorbic Acid Orange Flavor comes to the rescue. Made by Unilab, Ceelin has the inviting taste to children making it easier for the kids to take their daily dose of vitamin c for them to have a strong immune system.

About Unilab

Unilab is a Filipino Company started as a drug store in Binondo Manila by two friends Jose Y. Campos (JY) and Mariano K. Tan (MK) using the name United Drug sometime in 1945. To date, Unilab is one of the country's most trusted healthcare companies.

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