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Century Tuna - Caldereta - 180 G
Century Tuna - Caldereta - 180 G

Tuna is a healthy source of Omega3, which is important for heart health that is the main ingredient of Century Tuna Flakes in Caldereta Style Sauce. Enjoy a hearty meal in as easy as 1-2-3 by simply opening a can of Century Tuna Flakes. The Caldereta style sauce adds up to the Filipino taste of this healthy canned tuna.

About Century Tuna

When you think of a healthier tuna, think Century Tuna, a brand under Century Pacific Foods, Inc. (CPFI). Century Tuna is under the packaged foods of the mother company and uses only farmed and cultured species. The species give consumers a healthy fish protein needed for a healthy mind and body.

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