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ChocoMani - Peanut Choco Coins - 180 G
ChocoMani - Peanut Choco Coins - 180 G

Choco mani is a delicious candy snack that is a combination of chocolate and mani (Filipino for peanut). It is perfect for all ages anytime, every time and everywhere they want to enjoy one. The rich chocolate and peanut taste make someone wanting for more. Grab a 180-g pack of Choco Mani peanut Choco coins now and enjoy chocolate goodness.

About Cosmetique Asia Corporation

Cosmetique Asia Corporation the maker of Choco Mani is a Filipino Company founded by Alexander S. Co in 2001. As a cosmetics corporation, the company has Silka Papaya as its flagship brand. Then come Juicy cologne, Biogenic, and Bambini. To date, the company develops new products continuously.

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