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By: La-La
La-La - Cassava Crisps - Plain Salted - 85 G
La-La - Cassava Crisps - Plain Salted - 85 G

Cassava Crisps can be a new variety of snack food available in the market today, but this is a promising one. Now, you can enjoy this amazing snack treat and avail of La-la Cassava Crisps Plain Salted flavor. This is not only delicious but a healthy choice too. Grab an 85-gram bag now.

About Newton Food Product Manufacturing

Newton Food Products Mfg. Co., Inc. is a company founded in 1958 as a sole proprietorship. The entity is then into canning and bottling tropical fruits. Today, the business has expanded and is now into fresh and processed fruits, snack foods, marine products, noodles, sauces, and agricultural produce.

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