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Cream Silk - Conditioner - Damage Control (BLUE)
Cream Silk - Conditioner - Damage Control (BLUE)Cream Silk - Conditioner - Damage Control (BLUE)

Cream Silk Conditioner Damage Control Blue has a fiber repair complex designed for the sole purpose of repairing damaged and weak hair. It can protect your hair from breakage and eventually damage for up to 97%. Applying cream silk is easy. Simply massage an ample amount of cream silk conditioner damage control to your wet hair and rinse thoroughly after 1 minute.

About Unilever

Unilever is a trusted global company with products available in over 90 countries. The company has over 400 brand names and this includes Cream Silk. Cream Silk is a known brand of conditioner in the Philippines that was launched in 1984. 

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