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Cupp Keyk - Cheezy Cheese - 10 Pack
Cupp Keyk - Cheezy Cheese - 10 Pack

Cupp Keyk Cheezy Cheese is a delectable go to cake treat for cake lovers. It is a ready to eat cake snack and packed in a foil container to seal freshness. The cheese-flavored cupcakes can also a celebration cupcake for mommies on a budget. One can put on frosting and toppings for added beauty and of course taste.


Being in the market for over 55 years, Republic Biscuit Corporation (REBISCO) is recognized as one of the pioneers in the Biscuit industry. To date, REBISCO has a wide variety of snack foods including biscuits and cakes with their partner company Suncrest, maker of Cupp Keyk.

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