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By: Sukli
Cuticle Tint with Benzelkonium Chloride - 120 ML
Cuticle Tint with Benzelkonium Chloride - 120 ML

As part of our cosmetic ritual, we do cuticle cutting to maintain the good looks of our nails. However, upon cutting the cuticle, it tends to dry up, get damaged, and eventually infected because it will be easier for the bacteria to get inside. This can be avoided by using Cuticle Tint with benzalkonium chloride. The cuticle tint will protect and clean the cuticles providing healthy-looking nails.

About Comark International

Comark International is a company in the Philippines started sometime in 1968 by Mr. Marciano Kho & Syril Ko. The company started mixing galenicals in 1971 and later added household cleaning products and feeding bottles and complimenting feeding nipples.

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