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Dandy's Brand - Original Shrimp Flavored Chips - 2.25 OZ
Dandy's Brand - Original Shrimp Flavored Chips - 2.25 OZ

Enjoy a puffy and crunchy shrimp-flavored snack with real shrimp meat with Dandy’s Brand Original Shrimp Flavored Chips. Enjoy it any time of the day with your favorite cold beverage and share it with your family and friends when you grab the 2.25 oz big bag.

About Dandy Food Products

Dandy Food Products is a company in Emeryville, California founded by an ex-marine sometime in 1960. The company operated as a snack food manufacturing company starting their shrimp chips with real shrimp taste. To date, the company is under new owners and is now also an importer and wholesaler of foods including Asian groceries. 

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