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Candyman - Deliciosa - Tamarind Flavour Candy - 180 G
Candyman - Deliciosa - Tamarind Flavour Candy - 180 G

Enjoy the sour and sweet taste of tamarind fruit in an instant with the Candyman Deliciosa Tamarind Flavor Candy. It has the perfect blend of tamarind taste. Take some anywhere you want and enjoy anytime you crave. Tamarind is a popular fruit in the Philippines and can be enjoyed fresh when ripe. Unripe tamarind fruit is used in the popular Filipino dish called Sinigang.

About Candyman Incorporated

Candyman Incorporated is a company in the Philippines with a headquarters in 13 Gov. W. Pascual Avenue, Potrero Malabon City. The company is into the food manufacturing industry manufacturing high quality candies including the Deliciosa Tamarind Candy.

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