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Delicious - Mami Ramen Udon (ODONG) - BIG - 227 G
Delicious - Mami Ramen Udon (ODONG) - BIG - 227 G

Ramen is a delicious comfort food especially during rainy weather and with Delicious Mami Ramen Udon Odong, you can enjoy hot mouth-watering ramen in an instant. These delicious ramen sticks are made of premium wheat and fresh eggs. Grab a 227-gram bag of Delicious Mami ramen now and enjoy a bowl of hot ramen with slices of boiled eggs.

About Gold Label Resources Inc.

Gold Label Resources Inc. is a company owned and operated by Filipinos. The company is one of the pioneers in the pasta manufacturing market and has numerous varieties including macaroni, pancit bihon, pancit Malabon, spaghetti, misua, and more.

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