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Delight -Kalamansi Concentrate with Ginger Delight - 800 ML
Delight -Kalamansi Concentrate with Ginger Delight - 800 ML

Kalamansi or the Philippine Lime is a green small citrus fruit rich in vitamin C. Ginger on the other hand is known to have various health benefits. Combining two of these healthy products in one delicious drink is a favorite of many. It is now easier to enjoy ginger tea with calamansi by simply grabbing an 800 ml bottle of Delight Kalamansi Concentrate with Ginger. It has kalamansi extract, ginger extract, honey, sugar, and citric acid. Just add enough Delight Kalamansi Concentrate with Ginger in a glass of cold or warm water, stir and serve. It is best consumed and has an inviting taste with warm water.

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