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Delight -Kalamansi Concentrate Delight - 750 ML
Delight -Kalamansi Concentrate Delight - 750 ML

Kalamansi or the Philippine Lime is a green small citrus fruit rich in vitamin C. This is a perfect fruit juice to indulge in if you want to have enough doses of Vitamin C daily. Delight Kalamansi Concentrate is a perfect product to enjoy if you do not have access to fresh kalamansi. You can create a refreshing kalamansi out of this concentrate as it is also made of real kalamansi extract added with sugar, honey, and citric acid. Just add enough Delight Kalamansi Concentrate in a glass of cold or warm water, stir and serve. If you are into baking, you are surely familiar with the kalamansi cupcake that is becoming a hit among Filipino chefs and home bakers.

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