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Dr. Alvin - Rejuvenating Set #5 - 300 G
Dr. Alvin - Rejuvenating Set #5 - 300 GDr. Alvin - Rejuvenating Set #5 - 300 G

Acne is one of the most common skin problems to many. It has various causes and one of them is hormonal change. Starting your acne treatment has never been easy with Dr. Alvin Rejvenating Set. In a plastic pack, it comes with a kojic soap, rejuvenating toner, a rejuvenating cream, and sunblock cream. Using these products is easy. You just wash your face with kojic soap day and night. Then cleanse with toner, and sunblock cream in the morning, while in the evening, apply rejuvenating cream instead.

About Dr. Alvin Research Institute

Dr. Alvin Research Institute is a company based in the Philippines formulating professional skincare formulas for more than 20 years now.

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