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Eng Bee Tin - Hopia Mongo - 150 G
Eng Bee Tin - Hopia Mongo - 150 G

Hopia is a Filipino-Chinese pastry that has been available in the market for generations. It has a flaky textured outside similar to mooncake and comes with a filling normally a mung bean that is commonly known as hopia monggo or a wintermelon or the popular hopia baboy. Eng Bee Tin Hopia Mongo is a classic favorite. Grab a 150g pillow pack now.

About Eng Bee Tin

Eng Bee Tin started as a simple hopia stall in Ongpin Manila in 1912 by Mr. Chua Chiu. The business is slowing down and the son Mr. Gerry Chua too charge of bringing back the business into its limelight by making additional flavors to its classic hopia flavors.

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