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By: Sukli
Ensaymada / Egg Tart Moulder
Ensaymada / Egg Tart MoulderEnsaymada / Egg Tart Moulder
Baking bread and pastries at home is a good way to enjoy the time and probably distress from a stressful day at work, especially when done with family and friends. Ensaymada is one of the easiest bread to bake. You just have to follow a simple sweet dough recipe, follow the instructions, and for final proofing place the dough in your ensaymada dough moulder and bake as needed. You can also use the moulder for your favorite egg tarts or the Filipino favorite during Christmas, the Bibingka. When making bibingka, other than the ensaymada moulder, you also need to use a cupcake liner or a banana leaf for easy removal of the baked goodies when cooked.

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