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Erawan Brand - Glutinous Rice Flour (GREEN) - 16 OZ
Erawan Brand - Glutinous Rice Flour (GREEN) - 16 OZ

Glutinous Rice Flour is a popular ingredient in various tasty Filipino sweets or kakanin. If you missed the kakanins a lot, then this is your chance to make your own. Go grab a 16 oz bag of Erawan Brand Glutinous Rice Flour and make your own kakanin like cuchinta, palitaw, bibingka, tikoy, sapin-sapin, ginataang halo halo, carioca and a lot more. Do not worry about the cooking because these Filipino kakanins are easy to make.

About Erawan Marketing Co., Ltd.

Erawan Marketing is a company in Thailand founded in 1976. The company is a trading company offering various products to its clients from rice products to foodstuff to kitchen utensils.

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