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Erawan Brand - Tapioca Starch (BLUE) - 16 OZ
Erawan Brand - Tapioca Starch (BLUE) - 16 OZ

Tapioca Starch is a baking and cooking ingredient and thickener popular for different sweets or kakanin amongst Filipinos. Grab a 16 oz Erawan Brand Tapioca Starch and start making your favorite cuchinta, cassava cake, pichi pichi, and more. You can use it alongside all purpose flour, cassava flour, or glutinous rice flour for better texture of your goodies. Many of the Filipino sweets or kakanin are easy to make.

About Erawan Marketing Co., Ltd.

Erawan Marketing is a company in Thailand founded in 1976. The company is a trading company offering various products to its clients from rice products to foodstuff to kitchen utensils.

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