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Fiesta Pinoy -  Mung Bean Vermicelli - Sotanghon - 8 OZ
Fiesta Pinoy -  Mung Bean Vermicelli - Sotanghon - 8 OZ

Mung Bean Vermicelli or sotanghon is a delicious noodle to add in making soups like chicken sotanghon with patola, meatballs soup with sotanghon and patola, or make a delicious sauteed sotanghon or what is known as pansit sotanghon guisado in Filipino. Grab a bag of 8 oz Fiesta Pinoy Mung Bean Vermicelli or Sotanghon now and enjoy a warm soup especially in cold weather or a delicious pansit sotanghon guisado.

About Q-Phil Products International

Q-Phil Products International is a Filipino company that started as a noodle company and as they grow, became one of the leading manufacturers and importers of products that are proudly Philippine-made. As an importer to different parts of the world, the company packs its product according to the exporter’s requirements.

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