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By: Finna
Finna - Krobe - Cassava Crackers - 2.5 OZ
Finna - Krobe - Cassava Crackers - 2.5 OZ

Cassava Cracker can be a new variety of crackers available in the market today, but this is a promising one. Now, you can enjoy this amazing snack treat and avail of Finna Krobe Cassava Crackers. This one has 40% cassava making it not only delicious but a healthy choice too. Other ingredients included in this delicious treat are tapioca flour, palm oil, sugar, leek, chili, salt, and celery.

About Finna (Sekarlaut)

Sekalaut is an Indonesian company carrying the brand Finna has over 40 products available in the market. Hailed as the family’s best choice, Sekarlaut prepared all products intending to fulfill the demands of its consumers local and international. The company uses modern processes to meet standards both local and international.

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