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Golden - Fish Cracker - Hot and Spicy - 200 G
Golden - Fish Cracker - Hot and Spicy - 200 G

Fish cracker is an all-time favorite snack for Filipinos of all ages. Everyone loves the crunchy texture of this delightful finger snack This is perfect for snacking or during a drinking session Grab a 200-gram bag of Golden Fish Cracker hot and spicy flavor and enjoy munching with family and friends. This is also perfect with a dip like vinegar with spices for an added taste.

About Narita Snack Foods Corporation

Narita Snack Foods Corporation is a company in the Philippines founded by Mr. Dave Yap operating in the food manufacturing industry. The company is a popular provider of delicious fish crackers and shrimp crackers. To date, the company expands its market worldwide.

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