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Ilocos Chichacorn - BBQ - Chicharron de Maiz de Illocos -350 G
Ilocos Chichacorn - BBQ - Chicharron de Maiz de Illocos -350 G

Chichacorn or sometimes called cornick is a staple snack to the majority of Filipinos. Other than being widely available, it is a delicious and healthy snack that comes in different flavors. It is made of white corn kernels that are boiled, dried, and fried. To take a good taste of this popular snack food, grab a 350-gram bag of Ilocos Chichacorn BBQ Flavor now and enjoy munching with family and friends.

About Ilocos Food Products

Ilocos Food Products or IFP is the top manufacturer and importer of the popular Ilocos Chichacorn. They improve the generic chichacorn and come up with different commercial flavors like garlic, spicy, barbeque, cheese, sweet and spicy, and adobo.

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