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Inday's Best - Purple Yam Powder - UBE Powder - 100 G
Inday's Best - Purple Yam Powder - UBE Powder - 100 G

Ube or purple jam is a root crop in the Philippines and one of the favorites amongst Filipinos. It can be steamed and enjoyed upfront. However, the inviting taste and aroma of ube or purple yam resulted in it coming into various forms from paste, jam, candy, flavoring, powder, and more. Inday’s Best Purple Yam Powder or ube powder will be your best buddy if you are a lover of purple yam. You can add it to your baked goodies to create a delicious ube flavor of baked goods. It can also be added to your shake, milk tea, and a lot more. Grab a 100-gram pack of Inday’s Best Ube Powder now.

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