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Isla - Dried Taro Leaves - Tuyong Dahon ng Gabi - 100 G
Isla - Dried Taro Leaves - Tuyong Dahon ng Gabi - 100 G
Tuyong dahon ng gabi or dried taro leaves is the main ingredient when making the famous Laing, a vegetable dish known to be an original in the southern part of Luzon in the Philippines, the Bicol Region. Taro leaves are dried, sliced, and then cooked. Other ingredients to the delicious Laing include coconut milk, some meat of your choice some taro meat, and chili for a kick. Cooking laing is easy, you just have to bring to boil all the ingredients except the taro leaves. When boiled, add the taro leaves, and let them absorb the liquid, then serve hot. Cook your famous laing now with the 100-gram bag of Isla Premium Dried Taro Leaves or tuyong dahon ng gabi.

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