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Jack & Jill - Mang Juan Sukang Paombong BIG - 90 G
Jack & Jill - Mang Juan Sukang Paombong BIG - 90 G

Chicharron ni Mang Juan is an enhanced chicharon snack popular in the Philippines. Jack ‘n Jill enhances the delightful chicharon snacking experience by creating various flavors out of the original one. Grab a bag of Chicharron ni Man Juan Sukang Paombong flavor now and enjoy a tingling taste of no-pork chicharon in an instant. Because it has no pork, this snack is a vegan friendly snack.

About Jack ‘n Jill

Jack ‘n Jill is the snack food brand of Universal Robina Corporation (URC). It offers a wide variety of delicious snacks including biscuits, cakes, salty snacks, candies and chocolates that makes every Filipino’s snacking experience fun and enjoyable.

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