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Jack 'n Jill - Maxx - Honey-Lemon (Yellow) - 7.05 OZ
Jack 'n Jill - Maxx - Honey-Lemon (Yellow) - 7.05 OZJack 'n Jill - Maxx - Honey-Lemon (Yellow) - 7.05 OZ

Maxx Honey Lemon Menthol Candy will not only satisfy your cravings for hard candies but also it has the ability to cool and soothe your mouth while keeping your breath fresh in almost an instant. The mix of honey and lemon creates a unique taste that everyone will love any time of day whatever activities you are doing. Available in 7.05 oz., make it a handy treat in your pocket.

About Jack ‘n Jill

Jack ‘n Jill is the snack food brand of Universal Robina Corporation (URC). It offers a wide variety of delicious snacks including biscuits, cakes, salty snacks, candies and chocolates that makes every Filipino’s snacking experience fun and enjoyable.

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