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By: Jans
Jans - Sweet Cow - Sweetened Condensed Creamer (REGULAR) - 375 G
Jans - Sweet Cow - Sweetened Condensed Creamer (REGULAR) - 375 G

If you are looking for creamy condensed milk with a decadent taste, you should go grab a 375-gram can of Jans Sweet Cow sweetened condensed creamer regular. There are lots of ways to enjoy its creamy goodness. You can create a Leche flan from it or a yema sauce, yema spread, and more.

About Jans Food

Jans Enterprise is a company based in Los Angeles California. They are the leading food and beverages company in the area. Jans Food is established in 1998 by its founder and CEO Mr. Anthony Kartawinata. Since its inception, Jans was able to establish a strong presence worldwide through its iconic products.

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