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By: Javito
Javito - Snack Time - Cheese Balls - 400 G
Javito - Snack Time - Cheese Balls - 400 G

Whether it’s taking a break from school works, house chores, or office work, or just having a fun night or get-together, it is a fun thing to munch on something for a break. Javito Snack Time Cheese Balls got you covered. This addicting snack will surely make you happy with its rocking taste taking your tastebuds into another dimension. Grab a 400-gram bag now and enjoy these yummies with family and friends.

About Foodchoice Corporation

Foodchoice Corp. is a company in the Philippines in the food manufacturing industry. The company was established in 2003 as a trading company selling imported foods and other products. As the company grows, they started manufacturing their tortilla chips and corn chips in 2008. Today, the company is a world-class Filipino food manufacturing company.

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