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By: JEfi
JEfi -Peeled Straw Mushroom Superior Quality - 15 OZ
JEfi -Peeled Straw Mushroom Superior Quality - 15 OZ

Mushrooms comes in different kinds and this JEfi Peeled Straw Mushroom is just one kind of the many kinds available in the market today. It has an oval shape and comes in white to pinkish tan color. You can have it sautéed and enjoy or have it added to your pasta or mushroom soup for an authentic mushroom flavor.


  • Straw mushroom
  • Water
  • Salt


JEENHUAT & CO is a Malaysian Company established as JEENHUAT FOODSTUFFS INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. (JEfi). The company has the vision of becoming a global manufacturer of food and beverage products with world-class quality.

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