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By: Jonas
Jonas - Sweet Purple Yam Spread - UBE - 12 OZ
Jonas - Sweet Purple Yam Spread - UBE - 12 OZ

Satisfy your craving for ube with Jonas Sweet Purple Yam Spread or ube jam. A 12 oz jar can let you enjoy a delicious ube cheese pandesal, a known Filipino ube flavored bread filled with ube jam and cheddar cheese. You can also bake a delicious ube cake with it. Another easy recipe to make along with this ube jam is sweet and refreshing halo-halo or simply fill it to your toast.

About Jonas International Philippines, Inc.

Jo-na’s International Philippines, Inc. (JIPI), is a company based in Manila. Its activities include food processing, specifically the production of bottled preserves, snack foods, and banana chips. The company started its operation in the year 1981 and majority of its products are exported while only a few portions are distributed to the local market.

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