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By: Kara
Kara - Coco Dairy Free - Coconut Milk Drink - 1000 ML
Kara - Coco Dairy Free - Coconut Milk Drink - 1000 ML

Enjoy a delicious alternative to your dairy now with Kara Coco dairy-free coconut milk drink. This amazing alternative to dairy is a natural source of electrolytes, calcium, and potassium, which are essential for our health. It is free from cholesterol, gluten, and dairy. Also, it comes with no artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives. Grab a 1000-ml of Kara Coco dairy-free coconut milk drink now. 

About Kara

Kara is a coconut specialist in Bahasa, Indonesia introducing the product Kara UHT Coconut cream in Indonesia and Singapore in 1989, which serves as the answer to the need for a hygienic and convenient coconut product. Coconut is one of the important ingredients in many Asian cuisines. Today, Kara offers different coconut products making them a true coconut specialists.

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