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Koda Farms - Mochiko - Sweet Rice Flour - Gluten Free - 16 OZ
Koda Farms - Mochiko - Sweet Rice Flour - Gluten Free - 16 OZ

Rice flour is a baking and cooking ingredient popular for different sweets or kakanin amongst Filipinos. Grab a 16 oz Koda Farms Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour gluten-free and start making your favorite puto, bibingka, cuchinta, or pancake. You can use it alongside all-purpose flour, cassava flour, or glutinous rice flour for the better texture of your goodies. Many Filipino sweets or kakanin are easy to make.

About Koda Farms

Koda farm is a company in California founded by a Japanese national Keisaburo Koda. As a son of a miller and broker of rice products, Keisaburo Koda founded numerous companies until he founded State Farming  Co, Inc with his American-born children as stockholders to let them purchase land. The Koda brothers then became the first sweet rice growers after seeing a demand for it.

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