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By: Kokola
Kokola - Coconut Cookies - 14.1 OZ
Kokola - Coconut Cookies - 14.1 OZ

Enjoy delicious and happylicious cookies with the amazing and inviting aroma of coconut with Kokola Coconut Cookies. Grab a 14.1 Oz container now and munch on with family and friends. Each container has a portion-controlled package that is hygienic and easy for everyone to take and share.

About Kokola Biscuit and Wafer

Kokola Biscuit and Wafer is a trusted manufacturer with people that are always happy to bake delicious biscuits for the world. The company called it “Sharing Happylicious”. The company is baking delicious biscuits for more than 40 years now and has a factory located in Gresik City, East Java, Indonesia.

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